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Sara Beth

Makeup has been my chosen medium of artistic expression since I was a child.I pursued the craft with passion, and as I matured I came to realize that it was more than just a channel for personal expression.

As an adult, I now understand and repeatedly experience the therapeutic power of makeup. It connects me to a world of wonderful women who are seeking to enhance their innate beauty or possibly cover up a scar from the past (literally or figuratively). The power of this craft to help others feel better about themselves, embrace their journey and move on from challenging moments in their life or to simply make a special day that much more memorable continues to amaze me.

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It’s these connections and shared moments of authentic feelings that push me to be a more accomplished artist. It was as a Manager for MAC Cosmetics that I realized I could turn my passion into a career. After my time with MAC, I pursued intensive training though Cinema Makeup School’s Master Program where I furthered my skills in special effects, hair, and body painting. So many outlets of expression!!! From super-glam to Godzilla; I can create it for you.

As I continue to embrace and grow in my artistry, it deepens my joy and connection to others. Let me share my artistry with you and give you a pampering experience you’ll not soon forget.

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