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Due to the fact that Stephanie not only has a love for beauty, but also people; it only made sense to become a Riverside makeup artist and hair stylist.

I love working in Riverside as a makeup artist and hair stylist!

Because it is so much fun as well as such an treat to assist my clients on a very important day of there lives; I am certainly glad that I chose a truly a fulfilling career. Above all, my hope is that you have feel relaxed and enjoy your experience in addition to looking like a babe!

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Including a consultation prior to your wedding day with your makeup artist and hair stylist is also a good idea. In order for you to not only convey your desired look to your artist but also make any adjustments. Although you may have a specifically clear idea of what shade of lipstick you want or how many curls in your hair; sometimes things change. Thus its a good idea to setup a test run if you have the time.

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