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Best Bridal Makeup Company

Why shold you choose fairytale hair and makeup.

Best Bridal Makeup Company
Best Bridal Makeup Company
Best Bridal Makeup Company

Seeing that ’s a big day for you! We strive to be the best bridal makeup company. We understand that only your nearest and dearest are of comfort during a time when emotions may be running high. At Fairytale, when an artist is assigned to you, she will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm information. Our goal is to make sure that you know who will be coming to your door, and that you have communicated with the artist prior to your event. It is very important t us that you don’t feel as if you have hired a company, rather a person, to cater to your event. Only in an extremely rare circumstance have we had to change artists at the last minute, but on these rare occasions, And this has always been in the best interest of the client.

Many companies, you simply hire the company and hope that the work you have seen is a direct result of the artist that shows up on your wedding day. Fairytale, you can preview the work specifically done by the artist, as opposed to a “company” portfolio. With a few exceptions, every artist has examples of the work she has done on the website. And, as with every artist, they each have their own style of hair and makeup. This is one way that Fairytale makes sure you chose the best bridal makeup company for a complete and customized experience that fits you.M

We know that the beauty industry can be fickle, and that free lance artists work mostly on contracted work. This means most artists do not have a set schedule, and take the best opportunity available to them. We make sure that we offer more than competitive pay to our artists. Fairytale Hair and Makeup wants to be sure that the artists we assign to work with our clients are happy, and eager to deliver a peak performance. A happy artist is eager to retain her position with our company, therefore determined to provide the best service possible.

Fairytale is a small company. It started out with a twenty something hair dresser with a love for weddings, up do’s and a dream. We are still a small company. Even as we grow as individuals in our careers, we are still very grounded and down to earth. Although Fairy Tale artists have credentials ranging from high end hotel executives and even higher end celebrities, we understand that you are still important and that it’s imperative that you get the attention you deserve. No matter how big we grow, we haven’t forgotten where we came from. We also understand it’s YOUR opinion, not ours, that matters on your big day. We don’t “push” a product or look onto you. If asked, we will happily offer our suggestions, but as a good friend and hair dresser once said “Honey, it don’t matter if she wants a cone coming out the side of her head, all you need to know is how big she wants that cone.”

You will find on our website as well as other websites such as The, Wedding Channel. com,, and other places where our past clients have left a testimonial on their experience with Fairytale Hair and Makeup.

You may have found us on a web magazine or from a friend. Having the referral from David Tutera, Disney, and other vendors is a part of a reputation we strive to continue to live up to and exceed. We have won The Knots Best of Weddings for 7 year in a row now, as well as WeddingWire Brides Choice the last 8 years. Our past brides are who have made this all possible. And it wouldn’t happen without the best hair and makeup artists in the industry.

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