Hair and Makeup Questions

First of all lets see if we can answer any Hair and Makeup Questions you may have.

Because of the fact that hair and makeup choices have such a wide range.

Maybe we can answer a few questions or concerns before you have to look any further.

Hair and Makeup Questions and Answers
Hair and Makeup Questions and Answers Fairytalil Hair and Makeup
Fairytalil Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup Questions and Answers

Yes. We can do a trial at your location or the location of the artist. Whatever works best for you and the artist.

It is usually the bride that has a trial. But there are cases where the mom or a bridesmaid also would like a trial, and that is no problem.

We do not have a minimum of $150 for services.

Yes. We can do a trial at your location or the location of the artist. Whatever works best for you and the artist.

To book we require a $100 credit card deposit along with a filled out contract.

Everything that is needed for your artist to know. How many people will be serviced. As well as what timing and the location.

Yes, the $100 will be deducted from your balance which is due the day of he event.

We cannot hold your date or time without the contract & deposit.

We ask that the deposit is made by credit card. The balance the day of can be paid in cash as well as a check or credit card.

Our staff arrives at your location with all materials. They then do the job that is contracted at the time they were contracted.

Nope. We would love to see pictures of your event. Also would love if you can leave us a review.

If you want to add or subtract services please do it within the cancellation period to avoid cancellation charge. Or to make sure the artist has the time. The appropriate staff and materials will be there for what is stated on the contract.

Yes. There is an extra hourly charge for staying.

Wash your hair the night before. It will stay better if it is a little dirty. Have it totally dried, ready to go. That saves time.

A button or a zip down shirt. We dont want to mess up your beautiful hair and makeup!

As matter of fact many clients choose including extensions along with their natural hair style.

I recommend clip in hair extensions or a hair piece. This is less expensive. We can order them for you after we match your hair color.

You can also get them at your local wig shop. Please make sure they are made with human hair. Due to the fact that synthetic hair will melt with any heat.

Airbrush makeup makes your skin look luminous as well as flawless. It also stays on longer than regular makeup. I would recommend it if you have any skin discoloration or scarring. It is also used to cover up tattoos. You can airbrush foundation along with concealer. Eye shadow and liner along with lipstick can be Airbrushed. We do charge extra for airbrush makeup.

Airbrushing any part of your body that you would like to be tanned. It can just be a little color, or you can look like you just went to St. Tropez! Whats the difference between airbrush and Mystic tan?

Airbrush is customized. by a professional. Mystic leave you orange, and also might miss some spots. How long does it last? Up to one week. But you can keep it up with a good self tanner. Do not get a spray tan the day of the event. Do it the day or two before. The tan may get darked within the hours after the application and can come off on your clothes. Probably not a good idea with a white dress.

Fairytale Artists are located all over California, Las Vegas and Central Florida.Although some of our artists have a location such as a studio in their home or a salon. And alternatively other Artists are strictly on location.

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